Make work better for everyone

By connecting to your everyday digital work tools, Worklabs helps leaders keep their finger on the pulse of their team to build a happy, high performing workplace.

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Join thousands of leaders building an epic culture

Not only does Worklabs tell you how your team’s feeling, when they’re feeling it, it gives leaders evidence-based ideas for what to do next. It’s the missing piece of the culture puzzle.

Internal Communications Leader, Telecommunications.

Understand your team and create a workplace they’ll love

Gone are the days of the engagement survey. Worklabs connects to your everyday digital work tools, so leaders can understand how their teams are feeling in real-time.

Know what’s happening, when it's happening

Whether you're looking to measure great leadership, employee communication, wellbeing or anything in between, start fast with our extensive library of metrics and templates, or set up real-time dashboards aligned to your organizational goals.

Measure what matters to you

Worklabs wrangles your collaboration data and serves up insights all in one place, leaving you to focus on what matters - having an impact.

Insights from your digital work tools, all in one place

With real-time compliance alerts, data retention and advanced search, Worklabs helps foster a healthy digital workplace, while securing your company’s collaboration data.

Protect your team, culture and data

Worklabs provides built-in tips, resources and tools to help you act quickly on workplace challenges and opportunities. Try out new ideas, and make evidence-based decisions on how to move forward.

Take decisive action

Turn your digital HQ into an idea generation machine and easily drive recognition in the flow of work to boost culture and drive productivity.

Empower your teams

Powered by the digital tools you already use

Epic products, trusted partners

We’ve built products our customers love but, more than that, you’ll have an expert on hand every step of the way to ensure ongoing success.

Security and privacy is at the heart of Worklabs

Trusting us with your data is a big deal and something we take very seriously.


Regularly pen-tested to ensure the optimal performance of our security systems.

ISO 27001 certified

Compliant with globally recognised information security standards.

Securely encrypted

Your information is safeguarded by the highest standards of encryption.

GDPR compliant

The highest levels of privacy and security for your personal data.

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